FAIRIE (For An Integration of Robots in Smart Environment) is framework that resulted from my work. It is composed by multiple modules that are my contributions, and can be configured in various ways according to the needs.During my thesis, I worked on five contributions that compose FAIRIE:

  • Perception: event-based context acquisition over uncertainty (FSCEP), collaboration with Amina Jarraya
  • Perception/Cognition: improved visual activity recognition (VARSeR), collaboration with Vincent Vassout
  • Cognition: anomalous situations detection from rich yet imperfect context knowledge (CAREDAS), collaboration with Hela Sfar
  • Cognition/Action: experience based learning and proactive avoidance of task failure (LEAF)
  • Action: dynamic hierarchical task planner (DHTN)

FAIRIE is also compatible with other tools from other research, for example, AGACY is an activity recognition system proposed by Hela Sfar that can be easily integrated as part of FAIRIE.